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Thank You for choosing us to provide for your counseling needs and goals. We appreciate and acknowledge the courage it takes to want to make a change, and we are delighted, honored and privileged to be working with you through this journey.

At Brighten Path Counseling & Wellness Center, we understand that healthy and happy relationships are a key to a fulfilled life. Too often, relationships suffer and those in greatest need struggle to find adequate support.

Brighten Path Counseling & Wellness Center, offers comprehensive and complementary psychotherapy services for the individual, couple, and family system. We believe that a multi-faceted therapeutic and Christian-based approach yields the best results.

We are here to collaborate with you as you work to enrich your social, professional, family, premarital and marriage relationships. You can increase the positive relationship experiences in your life. We are ready to support you on your journey of personal growth, faith and wellness!

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